Смотреть Serpentine belt replacement using a breaker bar — Ford Duratec V6 онлайн

Replacing the Serpentine Belt on a (1996-2007) Ford Taurus or Mercury Sable with a Duratec 3.0L V6 engine using a conventional breaker bar. Using a specailty tool called a serpentine belt tool is the most recommended method for replacing the belt. A serpentine belt tool kit can be rented or purchased but there are other methods you may be able to employ which don’t require this specialty tool.

The method demonstrated will also work on many other vehicles that have a belt tensioner with a 3/8 inch square drive feature. Not all tensioners have this feature but if you are fortunate yours will have one.
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Also, see my video on removing the serpantine belt with a shop rag.


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